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beach bookJUST SEVERAL YEARS AGO, two freelance writers met on Elance. Rodney Miles was forming up a team of writers that over the next several years would fluctuate between one and twenty-five writers, an editor, a graphic artist, and a project manager (Jessica Dawson), all to complete the many book projects they were now ghostwriting and creating for clients. Together Rodney and Jessica helped create over 200 books for clients, from the collaborations with authors, management and training of writers and editors, file formatting for e-books and layout and creation of print books, cover design, and production and marketing of published works. They kept writing their own work as well.

But as exciting and challenging as the ghosting was for all involved (in fact, ghostwriting itself can be, arguably, a whole additional education!) most writers involved held a dream of publishing their own work. Leading the team, Rodney Miles and Jessica Dawson also created Bimini Books, a small publishing house of lifestyle titles. Rodney and Jessica got into a sort of uber-aggressive project of learning the writing and publishing business, with great excitement. “Each day we learn a month’s worth,” it seemed, as they read, observed, tested, and consulted with friends and colleagues who were experts in the business. The result is Bimini Books, their first publishing endeavor.

Rodney wanted a name that reflected the likely mental milieu of probable readers, and given the books that were forming up included lighter fare—music, holidays, short fiction, happiness, and so on–it became a matter of “which island in the Caribbean to name the business after,” and which held some relevance or meaning. Bimini is a tiny getaway for fisherman, boaters, and lovers of flip flops, reachable by small craft off the east coast of Florida. It’s where Rodney proposed to his wife over twenty years ago. She said yes. They are still married today. He ran the name by Jessica to see if she liked it. She said yes. Bimini Books is just getting started!

rod gravatar-web-200RODNEY MILES is the founder and CEO of Bimini Books. A born bibliophile, he studied English at the University of Florida and wrote his way through various careers including creating a training series and regular newspaper column for a real estate brokerage, until returning to his passion for books, writing, and publishing. He has a large collection of e-books and a large collection of print books, despite trying to give many away. He works from Melbourne, Florida, loves reading (of course), writing, travel, motorcycles, chess, craft beer and racquetball. He lives with his wife of over twenty years and his daughter, even though they have exceeded the household moratorium on pets. jess gravatar-web 200JESSICA DAWSON is the founder and COO of Bimini Books. As both a former retail manager and substance abuse counselor, she’s been a professional listener her entire career. She fell into writing a bit by accident, but quickly realized it was the perfect next step. When she got involved in the publishing industry, she fell in love with it. She loves the process of working with an author to create a book and watching it come to life. Reading and writing are her first loves, but on any given day, you could also find her on a snowboard, sipping single-origin coffee, playing her guitar, and listening to music at an unsafe volume. Maybe even all at the same time. She’s lived everywhere, but is currently settled in the San Francisco Bay Area.