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Nirupama Naresh

NiruNirupama Naresh is an Indian-born author who has written over 3000 articles and 25 e-books for publishers from the US, UK and Australia.

She is an experienced writer on Ezine Articles and a featured author on Hubpages. She is an experienced freelance writer who has written articles on a wide variety of genres including health and wellness, travel, parenting, lifestyle, fitness, finance and business. She takes pride in offering original, engaging, well-researched and error-free work to her esteemed clients.

After having lived in different places around the globe including Dubai and Kenya, she is now settled in Bangalore, India with her husband and children. Her hobbies include an avid interest in reading, writing, travelling and cooking. She loves meeting new people and believes that life is too short to be little.

Email her at nirupama.naresh@gmail.com.


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