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Rodney Miles

Rod2Rodney Miles was born on Staten Island, New York and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His love of books began by regularly ordering–by mail–the paperbacks offered in the back of Mad Magazine. He went to the University of Florida in Gainesville where, after being disabused of a career in law, decided to pursue being a writer and finagled his way into a creative writing class with a well-known author teaching there, who promptly convinced Rodney he had no career in writing. When he met his wife (at 19) one of their first loves was to frequent the several used book stores in Gainesville. He went on to become a serial entrepreneur. For the next twenty years, while being involved in a string of small businesses, Rodney always seemed to write. Whether it was poetry or short stories, or a real estate column in a local paper, he kept writing. After the real estate bubble burst he found it a great time to start over, and began freelance writing. Before long he was not only ghostwriting books for others but also growing and managing a team of writers, editors, and a cover artist. On his own, Rodney has ghostwritten over fifty published books for others and as a department manager, he has overseen more than another hundred books. Publishing was the next natural step, and in addition to collaborating with others to create their books through his service Writing by Rodney Miles, he authors his own work and is the owner and CEO of Bimini Books, a small lifestyle publishing house. He lives in Palm Bay, Florida, with his wife of twenty years and teenage daughter. In addition to books (of course), Rodney loves travel, racquetball, cigars, craft beer, and motorcycles, but never all at once.


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