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The Happiness Flow

Date:17 Jan, 2015

The Happiness Flow

by Tom King

Computer guys have a saying that goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you put bad stuff into your computer, bad stuff comes back out. Conversely, if you put good stuff in, you’re more likely to get positive things back out again. The same principle works for the magnificent organic computer that is the human brain. This book by seasoned therapeutic recreation professional, Tom King, examines how to achieve a stable happiness by deliberately creating healthy and powerful flow experiences. “Flow” happens when a person challenges himself and successfully overcomes those challenges. Athletes call it being “in the zone”. But flow experiences don’t have to be athletic. They can be intellectual and social activities or even simple hobbies and crafts. Anybody can achieve flow. “The Happiness Flow” reveals the little understood secret to using flow experiences deliberately to help you maintain the kind of positive mental attitude that makes you a happy person.

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